Please be in prayer for a resolution to the stand off between the government and the teachers' union, now entering its 9th month. A certain amount of conflict between police and union representatives is normal, here, but last week one of the teachers who organized protests in and around the capital was kidnapped, beaten and branded "No protests" on her stomach. She was told that if she continued to actively organize the protests her whole family would be killed. The situation has spread to other unions since then, and one sawmill has been taken over by its workers and there is a general strike on the part of the meat packers' union scheduled for this weekend. The smaller unions take their cue from the larger ones, however, and the government tends to use the big agreements as models for negotiating with everyone else, so there is a very good chance that a deal with the teachers' union will ease tensions on all fronts. Your prayers are needed. Thank you!

Tim Figgins

Taking the Gospel to the hearts of Argentina!
Argentina Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires.
Tim Figgins

Tim Figgins is our resident foreign missionary, living and working in Argentina since 2001.

He currently works out of the Varela Center congregation, but as both Varela and Aguaray have Argentine pastors, his role is more and more that of a support person and resource.


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